Studio Sukoon

Cloud Candle


A huge fan favorite... the Cloud Candle! Reminisce a beautiful summer day watching clouds in the sky ☁ Currently unscented and available in 3 different shapes and 3 different colors~

[ S H A P E S & S I Z E S ]

· Pentagon - 3 x 2.75 x 5 inches

· Cube - 2.75 x 2.75 x 3 inches

· Cylinder - 2.5 x 4 inches

[ C O L O R S ]

· Blue

· Pink

· Purple

[ M A T E R I A L S ]

· 100% soy wax

· Cotton wicks

· Shipped with eco-friendly and upcycled materials

[ N O T E S ]

· If you decide to light your candle, we suggest waiting a week from when you received it for the fragrance oil and wax to bond to give you a better scent!

· Candles are designed to be used as interior decor; however, if you do decide to light them please read our candle care guide first!

· Candles are handmade to order meaning they are made after you place an order since there are multiple variations of each candle

· Please understand that all items are handmade and will have minor imperfections by nature.

· For refunds or returns please see our Refund Policy page.