Wholesale availability

Please email studiosukoon@gmail.com for wholesale inquiries!

If we decide to burn it, do I put something under my candle?

Yes! All of our candles will drip when you burn them. We highly recommend placing your candle on a small dish to catch any wax as it drips and you can leave a piece of paper underneath for extra precaution. You can place the candles on paper as well but keep the candle in sight just in case. Let the wax cool completely before removing it. If the cooled wax doesn't fully snap off of your dish, you can place it in the fridge to help ensure that all the wax is fully cooled.

How long does my candle last?

Forever! Until you burn it at least :) Make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight or the colors will start to fade away.
Do your candles work like regular container candles?

Yes and no. They are both made of wax however our pillar candles can scent a room by simply sitting somewhere. You do NOT need to light our candles to get a scent out of it, you actually might not smell it at all if you burn it.

Do you do custom candle orders?

Please message me if you'd like a custom candle order and I can let you know if I'm able to do it :)