Our Story


It was 2019 when I decided to quit my admin job at a NYC firm. I'd been given 4 raises and a promotion within 1.5 years with no further room to grow within the company. I thought of finding a new job that pays higher but then I thought "is this what I'll be doing for the rest of my life?". I tried to visualize how I'd feel in 5-10 years and it didn't feel great; it felt dreadful and as if I was one of the many participating in a rat race. I invested in myself, took online courses to learn new skills in digital marketing, and took the leap once I got my first social media management client. I was now my own boss (kind of) as a freelancer.

Freelancing continued for a year and while I acquired many new amazing clients, I wasn't satisfied that I was still working for others. I was scrolling on Instagram one night and saw a photo of cute objects that turned out to be candles! I was mind blown at the discovery of this new type of candle. "I don't want to buy it- I want to make it!" is what I remember thinking. Soon after I bought a candle kit, I created a new account to post my creations as a hobby  and before I knew it people were asking if I was selling my candles. My candles brought me joy by looking at them, so I thought if it brought the same feelings to other people then why not sell them? I utilized my marketing, social media, and  entrepreneurship skills to make Studio Sukoon what it is today. I've showed up at pop-ups, got featured in People Magazine, and now have a dream to have a physical storefront that hosts candlemaking workshops.

Today (2024)

Since launching Studio Sukoon online on November 15th, 2020 I have grown a following on instagram, tiktok, etsy, and local New Yorkers! This year I plan to pop-up at a handful of events throughout the year, start selling a new product, and get my candles into more local retail stores that I support :) Studio Sukoon wouldn't be where it is now without our family, friends, and of course our amazing followers! It's been such a fun journey and if you read this far just know that I am super grateful for you to take the time out of your day to read my small business story ♡