Studio Sukoon

Eternal Summer Wax Melt Bar


A luxurious scent that will transport you to a hotel resort spa.

Scent notes:

- White tea
- Aloe
- Vanilla
- Sandalwood

Wax Melt Instructions:

1. Break a piece off your wax melt bar and place it in your wax melt warmer/melter.
2. Light your tea light or turn on your heat warmer if it is electric
3. Let the wax melt fully so it can release the fragrance into your space
4. When finished, turn off or remove the heat source and the wax will solidify until you are ready to use it again.
5. When ready to use again, turn the warmer back on or light the tea light (depending on which type of warmer you have).
6. When you can no longer smell the fragrance coming from the wax melt, discard it by allowing the wax to harden then heat for a few minutes to loosen it and it should pop right out. OR if its fully melted you can take aluminum foil and create a bowl shape to pour the melted wax into. NEVER EVER POUR YOUR WAX INTO YOUR SINK/TUB DRAIN!!

[ M A T E R I A L S ]

· 100% soy wax, made from US grown soybeans

· Phthalate Free - Cruelty Free - Vegan

· Shipped with eco-friendly and/or upcycled materials

[ S I Z E ]


[ N O T E S ]

· For stronger scent, don't use the wax melts for 1-2 weeks (or as long as possible) when you receive your order!

· Candles are handmade to order meaning they are made after you place an order since there are multiple variations of each candle

· Please understand that all items are handmade and will have minor imperfections by nature.

· For refunds or returns please see our Refund Policy page.